Diet Trends With Celebrities

Glass of water with lemonMany celebrities live glamorous, jet-setting lives; however, they are similar to regular folk when it comes to battling the bulge.  Whether they are trying to shed baby weight or slim down for a particular movie role, celebrities are managing their portions, counting calories and whittling away those pesky pounds.  Below are some of the latest diet trends with celebrity:

Green Juicing

Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr have all sung the praises of green juices typical of vegetarians.  They have also embraced the do-it-yourself method and have opted to forgo pre-packaged juices for versions made in their own kitchens.  This is the freshest method of getting a morning fix and losing weight in the process.

Lemon Water

Naomi-CampbellNaomi Campbell, Beyoncé and other celebrities swear by the lemon water ritual.  It has become
increasingly popular for its detoxifying qualities.  Drinking lemon juice actually assists in stimulating the production of bile.  The process helps in cleansing the liver and promoting detoxification.  In addition, lemon juice is high in vitamin C.  This is a powerful antioxidant that helps in riding the body of free radicals.




While this diet has been making its rounds for decades, celebrities like Janet Jackson and others are always popping up to sing its praises.  This diet trend provides heat-and-eat foods and offer online assistance with nutritional and dieting choices or supplements.

Meal Delivery Services

This trend is designed to keep portions in control and calories in check.  These services typically prepare and deliver fresh meals of your choice, right to your doorstep.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Megan Fox is among the celebrities who have attested to the cleansing wonders of apple cider vinegar.  It has been said that apple cider vinegar entirely cleanses the system and triggers weight loss.  It has also been touted for its capacity to prevent spikes in the blood sugar.  There are a few studies that actually support these claims.




Al Roker, weatherman extraordinaire, has credited kombucha tea for his boost of energy in the mornings.  This is a slightly sour and fizzy fermented tea that has been hailed as a method of detoxifying the body and improving immunity and digestion.

Bone Broth

Kobe Bryant is one of the celebrities who have incorporated bone broth into their diet.  This trend is said to improve bone and joint health and supply essential nutrients.

These are just a few of the latest diet trends with celebrity.  They can be effectively used to wage war in the battle of the bulge.