Tips on living the healthy lifestyle you always wanted

Many celebrities live glamorous, jet-setting lives; however, they are similar to regular folk when it comes to battling the bulge.  Whether they are trying to shed baby weight or slim down for a particular movie role, celebrities are managing their portions, counting calories and whittling away those pesky pounds. 

Below are some of the latest diet trends with celebrity:

Green Juicing

Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr have all sung the praises of green juices typical of vegetarians.  They have also embraced the do-it-yourself method and have opted to forgo pre-packaged juices for versions made in their own kitchens. 

This is the freshest method of getting a morning fix and losing weight.

Lemon Water

Naomi Campbell, Beyoncé and other celebrities swear by the lemon water ritual.  It has become increasingly popular for its detoxifying qualities. 

Drinking lemon juice actually assists in stimulating the production of bile.  The process helps in cleansing the liver and promoting detoxification.  In addition, lemon juice is high in vitamin C. 

This is a powerful antioxidant that helps in riding the body of free radicals.


While this diet has been making its rounds for decades, celebrities like Janet Jackson and others are always popping up to sing its praises.  This diet trend provides heat-and-eat foods and offers online assistance with nutritional and dieting choices or supplements.

Meal Delivery Services

This trend is designed to keep portions in control and calories in check.  These services typically prepare and deliver fresh meals of your choice, right to your doorstep.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Megan Fox is among the celebrities who have attested to the cleansing wonders of apple cider vinegar.  It has been said that apple cider vinegar entirely cleanses the system and triggers weight loss. 

It has also been touted for its capacity to prevent spikes in the blood sugar.  There are a few studies that actually support these claims.


Al Roker, weatherman extraordinaire, has credited kombucha tea for his boost of energy in the mornings.  This is a slightly sour and fizzy fermented tea that has been hailed as a method of detoxifying the body and improving immunity and digestion.


Bone Broth

Kobe Bryant is one of the celebrities who have incorporated bone broth into their diet.  This trend is said to improve bone and joint health and supply essential nutrients.

These are just a few of the latest diet trends with celebrity.  They can be effectively used to wage war in the battle of the bulge.

Weight loss is a major concern for an increasing number of people today. It seems like science discovers more every day about the benefits of weight loss and the dangers of maintaining extra weight on your frame.

Unfortunately, most people learn quickly that taking the weight off is not nearly as easy as putting it on.

Successful approaches to weight loss focus mainly on changes in diet and exercise. However, there is a growing industry centered around weight loss supplements.

These supplements are appealing because they present the possibility of losing weight without having to make immediate and significant changes to daily routines in eating or activities.

Solutions such as the following 3 weight loss supplements emphasize the importance of including certain natural ingredients in a daily regimen. Each includes different types and quantities of various components intended to help shed unnecessary pounds.

7 Keto

Like many other weight loss supplements, the product popularly known as 7 Keto DHEA or just 7 Keto claims to speed up your metabolism. A slow metabolism is linked strongly to weight gain as people age. Returning the metabolism to a younger, faster pace helps the body turn food into energy rather than store it as fat.

7 Keto DHEA is actually a steroid, a natural product of the human metabolism rather than a drug. It appears to act primarily by activating certain enzymes that literally burn off fat by metabolizing it and creating heat. This process is known as thermogenesis.

A person can create similar effects through exercise. In response to increased physical activity, the body heats up as it burns the energy needed to perform any given exercise. However, it takes a great deal of exercise to burn off even modest amounts of weight. An average person today takes in a few thousand calories of food, but even walking several miles will only result in the use of two or three hundred of those calories.

The key effects of 7 Keto result from the increased metabolic resting rate it causes. This means that taking the recommended amount of this weight loss supplement will cause your body to burn energy at a faster than normal rate. Even if you are sitting down, the impact of 7 Keto in your system will cause you to burn energy as if you were engaged in some strenuous activity.

The usual dosage of 7 Keto is 200 mg daily. This weight loss supplement is produced by several marketers today. Prices range from nearly $50 for a bottle of 30 capsules to just $10.99 for the same quantity.

Super Citrimax

Ingredients are the key to effective weight loss supplements. Much of the food that we take in ends up as fat because we consume more calories than we need.

Certain natural elements, though, have been discovered to actually help decrease weight rather than add to it. Garcinia cambogia is an herbal remedy to weight gain.

Super Citrimax capitalizes on the natural properties of Garcinia cambogia. This derivative from the fruit rinds of the Garcinia cambogia tree contains hydroxycitric acid. This weight loss supplement is intended to suppress appetite. Consuming fewer calories naturally leads to decreased weight gain and even actual weight loss.

The Super Citrimax combination also includes chromium in its tablets or capsules. This natural element has been shown to alter glucose levels in the blood.

Super Citrimax, sold by a wide range of suppliers, typically comes in 750 mg capsules. Prices vary from as low as $8.99 for 120 capsules to as much as $30.00 for 180 capsules. The exact quantities of separate ingredients are not always the same.


Altering the metabolism’s propensity to store calories as fat is one way to create an effective weight loss supplement. The Meratrim solution includes natural ingredients, such as Garcinia mangostana and the flower known as Sphaeranthus indicus, which reputedly lower the rate at which the body creates fat cells.

In addition to reducing fat creation, Meratrim aims more specifically at a certain kind of fat. Proponents of this weight loss supplement tout results which reduce waistlines and therefore limit abdominal fat. Abdominal fat is linked more strongly than any other to many diseases.

Furthermore, Meratrim suppliers promote their products’ impact on cholesterol levels, which are indirectly tied to weight gain and directly tied to health issues such as heart attacks and strokes.

Recommended dosages of Meratrim vary slightly. Some marketers suggest a twice daily dose of 400 mg each while others encourage a single dose of 800 mg. Products can be purchased for as little as $5.99 for sixty 400 mg capsules. Higher prices can reach as much as $39.99 for 60 capsules of 800 mg size.

Though these 3 weight loss supplements from Interhealth may appear the same, they contain many different ingredients with distinct intentions.

Each of them is meant to make the business of weight loss easier.
People take interest in vegetarian diets for various reasons. Nowadays, there’s increased awareness on the detrimental effects of animal foods on health and the environment.

Other people are drawn towards vegetarianism because of personal principles or religious beliefs that abhor the exploitation of animals.

Different Types of Diets

Despite the increased interest towards vegetarianism, many people don’t know much about it. There are several kinds of vegetarian diets, based on the types of food consumed. Strict vegetarians keep off all foods that originate from animals, including eggs and dairy products.

On the other hand, semi-vegetarians consume a little amount of these items. Lacto-vegetarians don’t shy away from dairy products, though they only include small amounts. Finally, there are pesco-vegetarians who eat eggs and dairy products along with plant foods.

The common aspect found in all these diets is the high consumption of vegetables, nuts, legumes and fruit. They all cut down on cholesterol and saturated fats, instead shifting to higher intakes of dietary fiber and complex carbohydrates.

Why Switch to Vegetarianism?

These diets are generally healthier than conventional ones, especially when it comes to fighting heart disease and cancer. This is due to less consumption of cholesterol and animal fat, instead taking more of antioxidant rich items.

Overweight people who take up low-fat vegetarian diets are also likely to succeed in shedding some pounds and maintaining the results.

Balanced vegetarian diets are also said to be vital in yielding more energy. With the lower fat consumption, arteries open up better which results in muscles getting sufficient oxygen.

Additionally, whole grains, vegetables, fruits and legumes contain higher complex carbohydrate amounts. This means more fuel for the muscles.
Animal products, especially meat, have a devastating effect on the environment.

Waste from factory farms results in heavy pollution of rivers. Some people thus become vegetarians by seeking to do their part on environmental conservation.

Is Vegetarianism Really the Healthiest Way to Eat?

When one adheres to the general rules of nutritionally balancing their diet, a vegetarian diet could be excellent for their health.  It’s however important to ensure that one still gets the nutrients normally found in animal products. Simply switching to these diets while still consuming junk food won’t help as far as health is concerned.


The various types of vegetarian diets can all be nutritionally balanced, but it takes planning to achieve this. It’s been proved that poor planning of meals is what leads to nutritional deficiencies, rather than the absence of animal products. Properly balanced meals could be appropriate for all life stages, including infants, the elderly, competing athletes and expectant women.

When planning, one first needs to decide whether or not they’re going to consume any animal foods. A registered dietician could help in creating a diet that fits particular lifestyles and food preferences. Starting out slowly by first consuming a few vegetarian meals each week would help when transitioning.